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Sydney's Leading Manufacturer of Commercial Curtains and Blinds

Committed to Our Commercial Clients

At BESPOKE CURTAINS AND BLINDS, we take immense pride in our extensive history of crafting custom curtains for businesses. With nearly a decade of experience, we have become a trusted name in the industry, serving clients across various sectors, including schools, hotels, aged care facilities, offices, retail stores, and design firms. We value all our clients, irrespective of their size.

Experienced Craftsmanship

Our manufacturing facility in Regents Park, NSW, is home to a dedicated team of over 10 highly skilled professionals. They work diligently to ensure precise stitching, accurate measurements, and consistently high-quality manufacturing. This commitment to excellence is our hallmark, ensuring that we meet your expectations every time.

Window Furnishing Specialist to Following Industries

Efficient Bulk Orders With Swift Turnaround

At BESPOKE CURTAINS AND BLINDS, we excel in handling bulk orders with speed and precision. Our strong ties with major fabric suppliers across Australia allow us to source materials efficiently. Moreover, we operate our workroom in Regents Park, enabling us to provide cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our Commercial Team boasts extensive experience in collaborating with Hotels, Aged Care Facilities, and Schools, encompassing the entire process from design and manufacturing to installation of custom-made curtains.

We offer a comprehensive, in-house service that covers design, manufacturing, and installation. Unlike many others, we do not subcontract any work, ensuring direct communication with the very individuals crafting your curtains. Say goodbye to middleman hassles and take advantage of our factory prices.

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Affordable Excellence

At BESPOKE CURTAINS AND BLINDS, we take pride in offering competitive pricing that’s sure to leave you satisfied. Our commitment to providing high-quality products and top-notch service is matched only by our dedication to affordability.

With us, you have the freedom to select your preferred fabric, choose the style that suits your taste, and actively participate in achieving the perfect end result. Why settle for off-the-shelf options when you can enjoy the elegance and uniqueness of custom-made curtains tailored precisely to your needs?

We Supply to

  • Wholesale Supply
  • Hospitals + Nursing Homes (Bed Screens)
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Offices Blinds
  • Medical Practices
  • Interior Designers
  • Architects
  • Apartments

Our Advantage

  • We make our curtains in-house
  • Quick turnaround times on bulk orders
  • Strict production process
  • High quality standards
  • Low prices
  • We have extensive Commercial experience
  • We understand specific industry requirements
  • We use the latest machinery to ensure quick turnaround
  • We can supply and/or install

Our Reputable Customers and Partners

Our Reputable Customers and Partners