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We supply and fit the highest quality curtains products at extremely competitive prices. All our curtains products are made-to-measure locally from premium grade materials and built to give you years of trouble-free service. We have our own curtain factory in Sydney that provides a variety of styles to suit your personal preference. With our made to measure curtains in Sydney, we have had a massive number of successful projects in a variety of industries such as residential property and commercials such as in aged care facilities, hotel, hospitals, offices, and theatre. We can provide the best curtains in Sydney to give you the chance to make the space of your dreams.




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We also provide curtain installation in Sydney to help you safely set up and start using your new window furnishing. We have hand-picked our installers to prioritise customer satisfaction, so you can have peace of mind that your new purchase will be installed correctly, without any hassle.

When you are having a new set of window furnishings installed in your home, you should feel totally confident with the workmanship you receive. We have a team of professionals with the knowledge and experience to provide an efficient curtain installation in Sydney. We seek not only to ensure you get a great product but that it is set up and functioning perfectly in your home as quickly as possible.

With our experts, we will be able to speedily resolves any bumps that come in the way during the installation, ensuring the project runs as smoothly as possible. Their experience in the home interior industry will mean that the installation will be hassle-free and done efficiently. It has a quick turnaround to make sure that you have the fastest curtain installation in Sydney. You will be able to save money and time as your shades are in the care of experts who know how to do the job quickly. Feel at ease that your home will have beautiful shadings within a matter of time.


While our cheap custom made curtains in Sydney provide you with affordable sophistication and luxury, we can also provide you with full after-sales support. We have a robust inventory of stock and replacement parts that enable us to provide you with comprehensive support after your purchase. Feel free to contact us over the phone to give you the best deal on our cheap custom made curtains to find one suitable for your home.

Our sales agents are highly experienced in the home interiors industry, rife with the knowledge to be able to give you good suggestions for blinds perfect for your home aesthetic. We aim to ensure you get to receive the best advice and support to ensure you are taken care of during the process of the curtain installation in Sydney. Soon your windows will be plastered with sheer curtains that will be a sheer joy to your abode.


If you are seeking the best curtains in Sydney, the total price you pay will obviously be a significant consideration for you. We have endeavoured to keep our prices as low as possible and offer to match any competitor’s price that you have obtained within the last 30 days for a product of comparable quality and equal specifications. We aim to be the cheapest place to buy curtains to make sure you will get blinds and shutters that are within your price range. With our competitive prices, we offer the best price guaranteed through our factory direct sale. You can’t go wrong with our extensive range of blinds and shutters, all at a reasonable price.


When the time comes to purchase a new window furnishing for your home, it’s never as simple as picking out the first thing that catches your eye. You will no doubt be trying to find a product that fits your aesthetic needs and fits within your budget without compromising its quality – our curtain stores in Sydney strive to meet all 3 of these considerations.

Our cheap custom-made curtains have an abundance of benefits to your home. These shutters and blinds work to protect your home from the bleak sunlight. This allows the inside of your home to remain cool from the glare of the sun keeping your furniture and home interiors remain pristine. In winter, these curtains will keep your home warm from the cold weather. These curtains will also enhance your privacy in the house, shutting out outsiders from taking a peek at your living room to the bedroom. These curtains also keep you protected from unwanted guests as they can automatically close the blinds making it appear as if people are still at home.

There are various shades, styles, fabrics, patterns, etc., to choose from. With these abundant options, you can make space match the theme of your home décor. You can customise the blinds and shutters to suit the aesthetic of your abode. With these cheap custom-made curtains, you can be able to change curtains without it costing too much and, with the appropriate care, can last for a very long time.


Not only do we provide you with cheap custom made curtains in Sydney, but we can also help you make your decision. Simply get in touch with us, and we will give you a free consultation where we will have a thorough discussion with you about what option will work best within your needs and budget. We will provide the best advice to make sure that you are installing blinds and shutters suited to your personal preferences and tastes.

We’re eager to hear from you and get started on helping you find the ideal window furnishing. Don’t draw the curtains on us – have a peek at our range of cheap custom made curtains to add to your home décor.