Keep yourself cool with our fantastic options for cellular blinds. This super-insulating pleated honeycomb blind design works to dramatically reduce the strain on your air conditioner and reduce your power bill at the same time. There’s a model to suit absolutely every kind of window application that you can think of.

You can make your cellular blinds super-convenient to use by going with a remote control motorised installation, allowing you to adjust them with the touch of a button. Alternatively, the privacy benefits of the top-down variation may be more appealing to you. Or, go with a perfect fit honeycomb blind that delivers total light block out, with a frame that matches in colour.


We supply and fit some of the highest quality window furnishings in Sydney, all at extremely competitive prices. Each of one of our honeycomb blinds installations is made-to-measure locally using premium-grade materials and manufacturing techniques.

All of our products are guaranteed to provide years of convenient, hassle-free operation that enhances your home lifestyle. Our extensive range won’t be beaten in terms of quality and price.


A new set of cellular blinds is not a simple investment, it’s something that you want to think about to make sure it’s the best option for your home. The following will examine a few of the leading benefits of using this type of window furnishing.


One of the well-known features of honeycomb blinds is that they provide enhanced insulation benefits when compared to other types of shades and shutters. Because of the physical dimensions of their design, the hexagonal ‘honeycomb’ shape works to trap air as it tries to enter or leave the home.

This means that on hot summer days it will keep the hot air out and the cool air from your air conditioner inside. The effect works in reverse during colder months, where the heat is conserved inside the home and the cold air kept from getting in.

In this way, they will improve the energy efficiency of your home, meaning you will need less electricity to achieve a comfortable temperature. In turn, this will reduce the carbon footprint of your home, which is a great bonus if you’re someone who cares about minimising greenhouse emissions as much as possible.


One of the reasons that cellular blinds are popular with interior designers is that they have a smaller visual profile and don’t need a lot of depth to look great. When it is raised up, it will collect together and collapse on itself, not looking as ‘bunched up’ as other shades sometimes can.


This type of window treatment is not just excellent in terms of insulation, and style, they are also one of the best window treatments for privacy as well. Due to the multiple layers, cellular blinds block out light better than some other kinds of shades and are very difficult to see through with the naked eye. There are even options for ‘double cell’ installations using room darkening or blackout fabrics that make them even better at providing privacy to your home.


Tired of hearing the sound of the neighbours’ dog or cars on a busy street near your home? The insulating qualities of honeycomb blinds also help to dampen the sounds coming in and out of your home. They’re a perfect addition to the bedroom if you have trouble sleeping due to outdoor sounds.


When we make our cellular blinds for our customers here in Sydney, we combine multiple layers of fabric by pleating them together so that they form the ‘channels’ unique to this style of window furnishing.


At BESPOKE CURTAINS AND BLINDS , we recognise that you have multiple options for honeycomb blinds in Sydney. The following will list why we’re your best choice for long-lasting, reliable, and affordable products.


Our team is beloved by our customers for our excellent workmanship and service. We’ve earned a reputation for quality that brings referrals to our door and helps our business grow.


We have a wide range of stock and replacement parts with us that allows us to give you robust after sale support. We seek not only to meet but also exceed your expectations.


When you buy a new set of our made-to-measure cellular blinds, we will guarantee the lowest price. We will match any competitor’s quote you get in the last 30 days for a product of equal quality and measurement.

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